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Writer's Block: Know Thyself
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What habit of your own annoys other people? Have you ever tried to change it?
smoking is probably the most common thing i do that might annoy people. and i am quite bitchy most of the time, but i am 20 years old and i have always been this way so these things are very hard to change.

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Hey, was browsing these LJ writer's block answers and read yours. Most people who think they're bitchy aren't as bad as they like to think themselves to be. It's the ones who go around saying stuff like,"Who me? Bitchy? Not at all! Why, I'm the perfect portrait of innocents!" hahaha! As for smoking, well, folks can get over it. I don't, but I get tired of others looking down on people who do. I bet that's a pretty tough habbit to break.

thank you, but your wrong about me. "the bitchy" part anyway. but thanks for your input =]

It takes all types of people to make the world go round. Bitchy people don't really bug me. But that's because I usually try getting along with everyone and am laid back most of the time.

haha, thats true. im pretty laid back but i dont get along with very many people.

Oh definetly, I don't get along with everyone I've ever come into contact with. Whenever people find out that I'm not the pushover they thought me to be at first and that I do no how to say no as well as stand up for myself, that tends to piss some folks off. Plus, I'm more of an introvert, so I like hanging out with smaller groups anyway. Too many people around at the same time tend to tire me out.

same here. i live in Clarksville and theres always drama because everyone knows everyone, or at least it feels that way. so anytime you breathe too loud someone hears it and they talk about it because there isn't anything to do in this town. so i try to just keep to myself most of the time. with a few close friends.

Ah yes, drama! I'm very familiar with small towns since I've lived in one most of my life. I agree, sometimes it's difficult having a life of your own in such places. Some people just eat drama up like some gourmet food, sadly. They aren't happy unless they know everything about everybody, etc. haha! Oh, thanks for adding me as a friend, btw. I'll add ya back right after I post this.

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